ceoTo our respected partners,

I would first like to express my deepest appreciation for your support and encouragement for PB International Trading Co.

PB International Trading Co. was established in 2007 with focus on domestic reselling. Our competence and proficiency grew as we’ve expanded into various industries involving global partners and governmental customers. We now humbly label ourselves as experts both in market creation and public relation with various entities of ROK governments, military bodies, research and education facilities and more.

PB International Trading Co. assumes the role of an organiser among partners, procurement agencies, and end users. We work as an interpreter who only speak of facts in both ways of communication. We rely on the strength of your products and services to compete and move forward in business. Our know-hows accumulated over the years in government procurement will be resourcefully offered to your advantage. Our information will always be free. We aim to build a reliable network for all our partners to maximise their potential profit as well as their reputation. We will relentlessly strive for and demonstrate great prominence in whichever fields of business you may bring to our attention.

Having served as a ROK Navy logistics officer and a JUSMAG-K liaison officer between the ROK and the U.S. navies, I founded PB International with a corporate emphasis on integrity because I’ve grown to believe the industry is seeking and yearning for it. Governmental procurement has always been and still can often be subject to unethical business practices due to the fact that this industry is in nature filled with revolving doors. The atmosphere is, however, shifting. The public and the media have started to demand for clean business. A number of major governmental procurement agents have recently been scandalously televised and publicly terminated for some contract unfairly awarded and the briberies involved. Congress subsequently passed laws to appease the public and to promote ethical business practices. The governmental procurement industry bears the scarlet letter now.
It became much more important nowadays for you and your company to select a partner with a very high and profound business ethics.

That is where PB International Trading Co. comes in. Wrongful business conducts not only destroys both present and potential opportunities but also the contractors’ reputation, who often are not responsible for such conducts. Integrity is the stepping stone for founding PB International Trading Co. We conduct all our business practices upholding such corporate value. I and all PB International staffs specialize in communicating, managing and marketing of products and services that various types of customers require. We aim to do that primarily through official mediums of communication. We make official calls to offices, not to cells.
We write official letters but make no side requests. We stay inside legal boundaries. We abide by the rules. We enforce the highest ethical standards to ourselves with belief, because we believe in fair competition and strive for good reputation.

Your partnership is most gracefully welcome and appreciated.
Thank you very much.


Paul Lee
President, PB International Trading Co.